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Partial screen dimming reduces power consumption
Researchers at Hewlett-Packard (HP) believe to have found a new way to extend battery life of mobile devices by up to 11 times: The technology lights up only active portions of the screen and dims parts of the screen that aren't in use. - March 13, 2005

IBM puts Millipede on public display
IBM exhibits at CeBit the first prototype of its Millipede data storage technology that could compete one day in Flash-based memory cards and sticks. The chip is built in a 10 nm process technology and achieves a data storage density of currently 1.2 Tbit or 153 GByte per square inch - which allows storing the content of 25 DVDs on the size of a postage stamp. - March 11, 2005

Hackers Use DRM To Plant Massive Amounts Of Spyware
Hackers are turning digital rights management features of Windows Media Player against users and fooling them into downloading unwanted gunk. - Jan 11, 2005

Webroot Enlists Bots To Fight Spyware
Webroot will use its bots-based system to develop anti-spyware products that can better address new threats. - Jan 11, 2005

Microsoft debuts AntiSpyware, removal tool for malicious software to follow
Microsoft today released a first public Beta of its widely discussed AntiSpyware tool based on technology the firm acquired a month ago. The company also announced a free removal tool for "malicious software" to complement traditional antivirus technologies. - Jan 6, 2005

InPhase shows prototype of holographic disc drive
InPhase today said that it has developed the world's first prototypes of holographic storage drives. The devices offer capacities of up to 1.6 TByte and may help move holographic storage from research to commercialization. - Jan 4, 2005

Google Desktop Search Buggy, Fixed
Researchers at Rice University make public a bug in Google Desktop Search that could let hackers secretly search the contents of a user's hard drive. - Dec 20, 2004

ISP Awarded $1 Billion in Anti-Spam Suit
Iowa Federal judge invokes RICO act to make what may be a record anti-spam award.- Dec 18, 2004

Taking AMD and Intel Processors to the Limit
One year ago, an ambitious project at the Tom's Hardware Guide Lab set a world record of processor speed - 5.25 GHz. This year, the staff focuses on a real world stress test to highlight reliability and quality of the processors: Progress and results can be viewed in real time over the Internet. - Dec 17, 2004

Toshiba launches 80 GByte 1.8-inch harddrive
Perpendicular recording technology allowed Toshiba to reach a new record level of 133 Gbit per square inch storage density for its new pocket-sized harddrives. Look out for 80 GByte iPods to hit store shelves in spring of next year. - Dec 14, 2004

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